January Client Spotlight

Ruah is such a beautiful soul and I'm so honored that she loved her experience at Misty Boles Intimate Photography and trusts me enough to share her story with us.  
                                                                                                                      -Misty, MBIP

Mimosas before boudoir session

"I've always had such a hard time with how people view beauty today because I have never been a classic beauty. I also have struggled with an eating disorder with most of my life, and it doesn't matter if I am skinny or curvy, I am never very happy with my body. I've gotten to a point in my life though, where worrying about having the perfect body isn't the top thing o my list of things to care and worry about. I have a loving family and seven pets so they are all I think about most of the time. My parents are very much under the impression that there is one body type that is healthy and not many. I on the other understand that there are many different body types and weights that are healthy.


I was a little scared to do this shoot because I didn't think that I would like any of the pictures that came out of doing it. I felt like I didn't know how to pose and be sexy anymore. Misty knew exactly how to make me feel great and have fun. I was scared until I was finally able to see the photos for the first time. But when I saw them I was awe struck. I loved them I didn't know how I could even choose the ones that I loved the most. The best thing about doing this shoot was that I was able to move out of myself and see my body from another point of view. It was also so fun to share the picture with my friends since we are so open with each other. I had so much fun just spending the morning doing the shoot.


 The whole experience made me want to be a model. It made me feel so special. I also love the option of getting a digital app because I can show anyone from my phone, which I always carry with me. My boyfriend also loves the digital app. I would recommend to any woman that they should have this done at least once in their life time if not more times. You should feel beautiful no matter your size, shape, or anything else you may be scared of showing off. We are all sexy ;)"


Professional Hair and Makeup by Taylor Yanzick