Have you been trying to decide if an boudoir session is right for you?

Of course it is! You are an amazing woman and that needs to be celebrated! Most women think boudoir sessions are just a fantastic gift for their partners. Which they are, but they are so much more than that. It is a chance for you to reconnect with your femininity. It is an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and recharge or rekindle your sexuality.  So it really more than sexy photos in your skivvies. It is an empowering experience that allows you will see that you are beautiful as you are, hot mess and all.  That is what your partner sees and loves and what I want to show you.


Now before you say, "I don't look like that" or "I need to lose weight".  All bodies are remarkable!  Without a body you wouldn’t be able to read this, without a body you wouldn’t be able to hug and kiss your babies, without a body you wouldn't be able to do anything. YOUR body is PRICELESS even if it isn't where you think it should be! 

Or maybe your thinking, "There is no way I am strutting my stuff in lingerie!" For some women, lingerie and nudity is empowering. For others, they feel sexier more covered up. Even if you’re shy or modest, you can still enjoy a boudoir photo shoot

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