Ms. H*

“For those that know me, know that I have never been an extremely confident person with my appearance, heck, I'm a mother of 7, I don't have time for that... well I wanted to do something special for my husband and had been following Misty’s page for quite so time and took the leap and booked the appointment... I was scared sh*tless... shaking like a leaf... by the time I was done I had a permasmile... then came the reveal.... this woman helped me and captured a part of me I never knew existed... truly truly felt like a million bucks!!! ♡♡♡”

Boudoir Inspiration: Woman in peach colored lingerie.  Boudoir Photo by Misty Boles Intimate Photography.

Ms. F*

“Misty is amazing!!! You ladies have to have this experience!! Life changing and therapeutic!! ”

Nude woman with a large tattoo sitting on bed.  Boudoir Photo by Misty Boles Intimate Photography.

Ms. J*

“Absolutely incredible photographer! Personable, fun, and real! She walks you through everything starting from the way to breathe!!”

Boudoir Inspiration: nude woman in purple sheets.  Boudoir Photo by Misty Boles Intimate Photography.

Ms. M*

“What a awesome experience! Misty was incredible! ❤️ I had no clue how to even pose for a photo. She walked me through the whole shoot and made me feel so comfortable. Misty has such a great personality, that is so real, easy to laugh with and is so professional. Anyone who knows me knows this is totally out of my comfort zone. I have to admit I was WAY more nervous for my reveal than the photo shoot! I was so worried what if I didn’t take one good photo? I thought yikes! what if there was no good ones ( not on her part) but mine! 😬 I was completely blown away when she showed me the photos! I wanted to bust out crying! I was holding back tears! I was so impressed and loved all of them! It was truly hard to decide! She takes amazing photos! This reveal brought a ton of emotion & a life changing experience for my confidence! I am so happy I took the chance to experience this! I left my reveal with a sparkle in my eye and a huge amount of confidence!”