Boudoir photography is the capturing of beautiful and intimate images with a sensual undertone. Clients book a boudoir session because they feel the need to rediscover their beauty and sensuality and feel better about themselves.

Boudoir is so much more than putting on pretty lingerie and taking pictures.

A boudoir session is more than a photo shoot. It is about unleashing and embracing all the emotions that embody your femininity. It’s an EXPERIENCE. It begins the moment that you decide to book your session. That moment when you finally decide to walk away from your comfort zone and do something for you. This is about being comfortable in your own skin. This is about celebrating how you are uniquely different. This is about letting go of every negative thing you’ve ever believed about yourself. We are here to guide you through this empowering experience. A boudoir photo shoot is for every body. You don’t need to lose weight. You don’t need to change your appearance. This is about embracing your beauty.

I promise your boudoir experience with me will be like nothing you have experienced before, so what are you waiting for!
— Misty Boles